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Hi, I'm Nancy.

I'm a different kind of personal trainer.

My approach is holistic, meaning I look at sleep, nutrition, movement patterns and thought patterns. Together, we'll discover what's holding you back and set you free from it.

I can help you achieve things you long ago wrote off as impossible.

Strength is the path. 

I am your guide.


"Training with Nancy has not only yielded physical results. In knowing that I am strong, I feel more confident, proud, and grounded in who I am as a woman in the world. I've sometimes thought that there was no way I was going to get through the sets that Nancy had challenged me to, and I have been regularly surprised that when Nancy knows I can, I can. I am more powerful than I think! As a clinical psychologist, I know the power of self narrative, and Nancy has given my story a heap of kick ass. And did I mention how great my butt looks?"


"To this day I can't believe how lucky I was to meet Nancy and sign up for my first session. Right away she makes you feel at ease, comfortable and capable of stuff you never thought of even trying. If you are looking for a true partner in your fitness journey, not just a personal trainer, look no further!"

ANNA LEVIKOVA, Creative Director

Personal training right on Union Square.


I train my clients at HYPE Gym. It's a training studio, not a commercial gym, which means less crowding and no membership fees for you. HYPE has huge windows overlooking the park, six barbell racks, and state of the art Keiser pneumatic equipment. The staff and trainers are welcoming. The music is usually good. My clients love HYPE and you will too.


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