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Nancy's Story

I got into strength training because I wanted to get rid of my cellulite. Yep. That's right. My primary concern was changing appearance. I thought maybe if I just got rid of my cellulite, I'd stop saying nasty things to myself in the mirror. I even went so far as to transform my body for bikini competitions. I lost 22 lbs and with my boob length platinum blond hair I even looked like a shredded Barbie doll. But even after all those changes, I didn't feel much better

So I began to focuso n strength and competed in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. And over time, I began to feel better. I thought less about what my body looked like and more about what it could do. Turns out it can do a hell of a lot. Now I want to bring you on this journey with me. 


My approach is informed by research, mentor-ship, and my own experience.


I have had the good fortune to be coached for a full year by life coach Kara Loewentheil, and am able to use much of what she's taught me to help my clients move past blocks around exercise.

To ensure that you can train without pain, I've studied biomechanics, neuroscience, and physiology through extensive course work with the Postural Restoration Institute. I also regularly learn from Dr. Pat Davidson, who teaches and works at my home base, Hype Gym Union Square.

To ensure you are able to get super strong, I've worked as an intern and coach under Jesse Irizarry at JDI Barbell and I currently train as an athlete with Vasily Polovnikov.

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