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Chad's Story


Nancy is a godsend. My PRI work with her is like yoga on steroids. When we started working together, my upper body was locked up like a Tyrannosaurus. I had no curve in my neck (the bones actually went backwards!). During the day I chewed Advil like M&Ms and used Thai muscle rub on my neck and traps, hoping the throbbing would subside. I trained Muay Thai as much as possible, but I was in pain. I quit Brazilian Jujitsu entirely. Pain became my baseline. I just sort of accepted it. 


I found Nancy Brown and PRI after a bad cervical spine injury and the resulting surgery. I had also completed 47 sessions of Physical Therapy with a Pilates specialist, a year of regular chiropractic and massage, 12 sessions of Rolfing, acupuncture, energy work, hot yoga, cold yoga, stretching, anti-inflammatory foods, and on and on.I threw myself into a gauntlet of recovery. Nothing worked.


Since starting PRI with Nancy just over 9 months ago, I've corrected the curve in my spine, and I've gone back to training. I'm able to spar in Muay Thai and to roll in jujitsu with very few issues. I go pretty hard in sparring and jujitsu when I want to, and I don't constantly feel at risk of some new injury. The biggest pain of chronic injuries isn't actually physical pain, it's a fear of a new injury, of being limited--cooling down and feeling a stabbing pain and being like "Oh well... I can't turn my head anymore. I guess this is just me now," and pull out the Ibuprofin. That's very hard to deal with for me. My work with Nancy has helped me overcome that fear, and has got me back on the mats and into my  in a way that's very present and sustainable for me. I'm super grateful. 

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